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Your RV has two types of holding tanks: a gray water tank and a black water tank. The gray water tank holds water coming from the shower and sinks. The black water tank holds the wastewater from the toilet.

Simply emptying your tanks is not enough. Any buildup in the tanks will create blockages and unpleasant odors. A clean tank ensures the tank sensors work properly, giving you accurate readings of the contents and fullness of the tank.

Telltale Signs that It’s Time to Clean Your RV Tanks

1. Foul odors coming from the black or gray water tank or both.
2. Tank sensors are showing inaccurate readings.
3. You have bought a second-hand RV.
4. You are putting up an RV for sale.
5. The black tank plumbing lines are clogged because of a build up of residue.
6. Slow drains
7. The toilet won’t flush!

No matter how often you use the water in your RV or even how you use it; it is recommended that RV “Holding” Tanks are cleaned at least annually.

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